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Livi's Legacy:
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Olivia "Livi" Warren


We were blessed with a perfect angel, Olivia “Livi” Renae Warren on December 22, 2004. Livi was born at 6:22 p.m. in Indianapolis, IN. She weighted 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 21 ¾ inches long. From the start, we knew she was special.

Livi would awake each morning with a smile and carry that smile throughout the day.  You would be hard pressed to find a time when she did not have a smile on her face.  Each and every day, she would share these smiles, some with family, some with friends, some with strangers, and some with individuals who would be considered unapproachable upon first glance.  Livi’s love knew no boundaries.  It knew no ethnicity, social class, nor religion.  She just loved. 

Livi lived life with wonder and joy.  Every time she heard music, she stopped and danced.  She appreciated the smallest of life’s miracles, looking at and picking beautiful flowers, finding unusual rocks, and feeling the rain against her skin.  She took joy in every situation; from the happiness of finding a stick, to rainy days spent curled up on Mommy’s lap with a pile of books, to chasing after RC cars with Daddy.  Livi never let a moment of life go unlived.

Life was an adventure to be learned from and treasured.  Livi took pride in figuring things out.  Her eyes would gleam when she would learn and use a new word or when she understood how the laser pointer worked, so she could play with her cats.  She would beam when she knew what was coming next in her favorite Baby Einstein movies and her books.  When she shared her creativity and views on how the “brick wall” at the YMCA looked like a “piano” or how the parts on her bike looked like a “puppy,” our hearts felt as though they would burst with pride.

Olivia passed away unexpectedly on July 9, 2006 from a probable seizure and medical complications.  Livi was and continues to be our world, our driving force in this life. Even though our hearts are aching from the physical absence of our angel, we would not trade having her in our lives even if it had to be for such a short amount of time. She was, is, and always will be an amazing little girl.  We have come to realize the best way to honor our daughter is to try to live in a positive way, share the lessons she taught us, and spread her love and legacy.

Livi changed our lives in such a short amount of time. She taught us so many lessons such as unconditional love, patience, the every day miracles and joys of life, and selflessness. Though her time on Earth was short, she made and continues to make an immense impact on our lives and the lives of others.   

Please take a moment to help us to continue Olivia, “Livi’s,” memory and legacy of unconditional love by living your life with purpose and meaning, live your own legacy of love. Put people first, share a smile, reach out to those “unapproachable” individuals, and love your family and friends unconditionally.


To “Livi” the greatest blessing we’ve ever received

A life filled with love, music, and laughter
Too soon called away
For a purpose no man could ever fathom
A perfect angel sent to Earth for only a brief stay.

A smile to light up the room,
Unconditional love for all
In this world you couldn’t share your gifts
So you went to answer your call.

You would want no sadness,
You would want no tears,
You would want happy hearts
And to play every day and live without fear.

So, we honor you by taking time to laugh and sing and dance.
We honor you by living life and sharing love with all.
We honor you by spreading smiles and unconditional love.
We honor you by doing our best to answer to your call.


Liv-On: A Legacy of Love

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